Scorer API

The Gitcoin Scorer API uses scoring mechanisms to evaluate the identities of Passport holders based on their Stamps (Verifiable Credentials issued by identity providers). Different communities may have different identity and membership policies for a variety of reasons, including the size and composition of the community, its history and culture, and its goals and values.
For example, a small, homogenous community may have simple and inclusive membership policies, while a large and diverse community may have more complex and restrictive policies. A community with a strong cultural identity may emphasize maintaining traditional membership criteria, while a newer or more progressive community may be more open to changes in membership policies.
The specific identity and membership policies of a community are determined by the needs and goals of the community itself. These policies are designed to help the community maintain cohesion and achieve its objectives while providing members with a sense of belonging and inclusion.
The Gitcoin Scorer API allows developers to integrate identity verification functionality into their applications. The API provides a simple way to read and score the identities of Gitcoin Passport holders by applying scoring mechanisms to verifiable credentials.
Social organizations have a difficult time ensuring that each participant is unique: that they are in fact human (not a bot) and also a unique participant (not double counting). The Gitcoin Passport provides a solution that is decentralized and recognizes the intersectional and social nature of identity.
The Gitcoin Scorer API is a centralized service provided by Gitcoin to make it easier to read and work with Passport scores. It is the recommended way of integrating with Gitcoin Passport.