Gitcoin Passport

Getting Involved

Engage with Passport to help make decentralized identity a public good!

Identity Providers

If you're an identity provider and want to integrate with the Gitcoin Passport check out the documentation for Integrating a new stamp into the Passport.

Scoring Providers

If you're interested in helping establish scoring mechanisms for passports or building mechanisms that help apps and communities to build strong sybil resistance we'd love to hear from you.
It's our hope that there are many scoring mechanisms built on top of the base Passport data and that communities can tailor their needs accordingly.
Check out the documentation on Passport scoring in our SDK to get started

App Builders

If you have an app that has integrated the Passport let us know! We're happy to offer support and would love to hear about your experience building with the SDK
Come find us on Discord in the 🛠passport-builders channel​
If you're just getting started, check out the documentation for integrating the passport into your App

DevRel and Tech Writers

If you spot some areas to improve our docs this gitbook is mirrored in our github here: We'd love to get your PRs incorporated and help make this SDK as usable and well documented as we can!