Gitcoin Passport

Presenting your Passport

Gitcoin has integrated the Gitcoin Passport to power its Trust Bonus score, enabling users to have their matching weight in Quadratic Funding boosted by presenting a Passport with many Stamps.
The Passport project is only useful if there are places that accept your passport and read it!
The Gitcoin Passport provides an example reader application to help you get started, check that out at and the repo for that at
Gitcoin also integrates the passport to power the Gitcoin Trust Bonus, the Trust Bonus flow is available on your profile, or once logged in, visit

Using the Example Passport Reader

Upon arriving on the passport reader app you'll be prompted to connect your wallet.
Good to know: Your Passport is associated to your Ethereum address, so be sure that you connect to 3rd party apps using the same address that you used to create your passport.
With your wallet connected, the 3rd party application is now able to locate and read your Passport from the Ceramic Network.
Additionally, applications can verify that your Verifiable Credentials were issued by known trusted authorities and have not been altered. Apps which read your Passport and Verifiable Credentials can selectively choose the stamps and issuers that they trust, allowing for application specific scores to be generated based on your Stamp collection. The process of verifying your stamps can be handled completely offline, but implementations might vary between apps.