Who is Gitcoin Passport for?


Internet Citizens 🙋🏽

Gitcoin Passport is for people who want to prove their humanity and online reputation, without compromising their privacy.
Passport makes it easy for you to aggregate the different pieces of your identity on the internet—from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to online verification tools like BrightID and Proof of Humanity—into a single place that showcases that you are a trustworthy person who deserves access to the best and most trustworthy digital experiences in web3 (and beyond).
The more pieces of proof of your identity and reputation, aka "stamps", that you collect, the easier it is for project and community leaders to trust that you are who you say you are.
The open internet awaits

Project Owners & App Developers 🧑‍💻

Startups, DAOs, play-to-earn games, decentralized social media platforms, and professional reputation tools are all examples of systems which assume one person = one account. If you are a project owner or developer, integrating Passport protects your community with a "gate" that makes it costly for bad actors to forge fake accounts.
"Passport-gating" your project gives your users an opportunity to permissionlessly verify their humanity and reputation—including their group membership, cultural background, and expertise. Users have full control over what they share at every step of the way.
Integrating Passport also empowers you to experiment with new mechanisms for governance and accreditation, by enabling you to create new stamps that you award your users and members for completing certain actions.
And while you can just stick to Gitcoin's battle-tested defaults for verifying accounts, Passport also allows you to create your own scoring algorithm that gives custom weights to different stamps (aka pieces of proof of identity). For example, a developer DAO can weigh a Github verification more highly than a social DAO, which may instead care more if their members have a lot of social media followers.
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Identity Providers 🪪

Passport is on its way to becoming the go-to solution for projects to protect their communities, and the identity aggregator internet citizens trust most to access the best and most trustworthy experiences in web3.
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