When to use Gitcoin Passport

This page gives example scenarios that show why having a Passport is essential for Web3 citizens
Here are some examples of why having your own Passport — with many stamps — may come in handy:
  • An event organizer could use Passport to gate access to their event, only allowing people with certain stamps in their Passport.
  • A grants program manager could integrate Passport into their QF (quadratic funding) program (such as Gitcoin Grants) and only offer matching funds to donors with a Passport over a certain score
  • A community organizer could gate a sub-community with Passport, only allowing access to members that have earned a certain set of stamps through meaningful participation in the community.
  • The developers of an online marketplace could use Passport to gate their marketplace and only allow access to more trusted users, aiming to reduce fraud on the platform.
  • An airdrop experience could target require Gitcoin Passport users with certain stamps or a score above a threshold to thwart airdrop farmers.
  • If the developer of an online polling service uses Passport to gate polls, this might mean that you can trust the results more, since they might be less tampered with bot manipulation.
When you arrive at a Passport-gated app, you'll be prompted to connect your wallet. The app will use your address to fetch information about your Passport, including what stamps it has.